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Cómo deben de ser realmente las admisiones universitarias -Access USA


The recent college admissions scandal in the U.S. highlights the need for greater scrutiny in admissions processes on college campuses particularly as they relate to donations and legacy admissions. Students and parents must be assured that there is an even playing field and that privilege (and trickery) can not be used to «game the system».

At Access USA we reaffirm our commitment to a process based exclusively on the merit of the applicant and his or her ability to communicate effectively about accomplishments, interests, motivations and objectives to universities that have been selected based on a «best fit» only. We can never (nor should anyone) guarantee an outcome, but we do always endeavor to identify the best options for our students and families based on their unique profile and to advise them about the key admissions criteria and policies at their chosen schools. Nothing should take the place of knowledge, method, hard work, integrity and authenticity. We are proud of our students’ accomplishments, achieved exclusively through their determination and dedication.

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